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Thank you for your inquiry in regard to the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers (NAIFA), and the Portland Rose City Chapter of the NAIFA (PRCIFA).


  • Mission: To enhance the appraisal profession nationally.
  • Programs: Education and professionalism.
  • Goals: Leadership and quality education.

For additional information, visit the national website at:


  • Mission: To enhance the appraisal profession in the Portland metro area.
  • Programs: Monthly meetings, data services, and education programs.
  • Goals: Educate and provide services to appraisers to achieve high quality appraiser professionalism.

What We Do:

The NAIFA and PRCIFA provide representation in national and state governmental affairs.

The NAIFA is a leader in national and state accredited appraiser continuing education programs. The NAIFA provides 2-day courses in over 100 cities four times a year nationally and internationally.

The PRCIFA sponsors four (4) 2-day NAIFA continuing education courses per year in the Portland metro area, and additional courses in other Oregon cities. Candidate and designated membership in the NAIFA provides two (2) days per year of continuing education to the members for an administration cost of $20.00 per day.

The PRCIFA holds a monthly meeting at Ernesto's Italian Restaurant -8455 SW Apple Way, Portland  OR 97225, at 11:30, the second Thursday of each month.

The PRCIFA sponsors the following data services:

  1. The RealtorsMultiple Listing Service (RMLS): Appraiser access for the membership of the PRCIFA (This is a cost savings of a $500.00 initiation fee, and a $115 per month access fee). The PRCIFA office administration fee is a mere $40.00 per year , plus the applicable quarterly office fee by RMLS directly.